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The Global Film Project is a film production group based in Los Angeles specializing in filmmaking for a global audience. Our mission is to tell redemptive stories from around the world and so far our two award winning films are just the start.

Each of us has been moved at one time or another by the power of a good story. Stories entertain, but also help us interpret life and the world we live in. In this generation, and among the majority of the cultures of the world, stories play a profound role in shaping the worldview one adheres to. Since film is perhaps the most powerful medium of communicating a good story, we believe that filmmaking can help point people in the way of hope and redemption.

It’s often not enough just to have a good story. There are some great films out there that only get seen by a very small number of people. Today, however, we have the opportunity to distribute our films to millions of people through new media and independent release strategies, as well as broadcast via networks that are ready to beam these films into millions of homes around the globe. For example, one network that has agreed to show our first film has a global audience of over 30 million people.

We invite you to join with us - the Global Film Project - because some stories are too good not to be told.


Zineb’s Journey:
After stowing away on a shipping container out of Morocco, Zineb and her brother, Youssef, soon discover nothing is as simple as planned and that their journey to find a new life is fraught with circumstances beyond their control as they face... Read on
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An Iraqi man haunted by the death of his wife moves to Baghdad to start over, but becomes obsessed with a suspicious neighbor....”Read on
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